Data seems to be trailing and not entirely correct. But here is the ClashofRanks report on this war.


Why a Mega War? Why Now?

The Clan is officially converting from a casual war/farm clan into an all out war clan. First step is to see where we are all at. Who is war ready and who is not. For those not ready, it is our intent to help you get to the point of war readiness. So this does not spell an end for you, just a beginning point to work from. For those not interested in war, it will come time down the road that your spot might need to be filled. There will not be an all out booting frenzy, and everyone will be given the time and resources needed to make the transition that works best for you. Give it some thought, we will be giving it some time and for now lets all do a mass war like the big dogs do 🙂

Best of luck all,
The management team.