Achievements 05/31/2017

Jack scored 4 defenses. Viking and Jack take defenses for May. BM and King tie for second,  JackB and Norbizie tie for third. BS, Rishil and Gmin take war stars for May.


Welcome to DaFams Blog.

To rid ourselves of the cumbersome app for the extra’s I want to build into the clan, I have moved operations here to a much more user friendly application for both you and me.Up on top you will see the menu. Have a big Trophy hit? Just go to the Max Trophy category and add your image or post into the message. Same for max loot. Achievements will be added here and all info regarding the war star competition. The Band app will still be a communications hub for CO’s, game builders, private chat as well as an alert system to blog post updates if you choose. We will all keep Band, we just will not be using it for anything but communication.

Cheers all.
And happy warring holidays🙂

This site is still under construction, watch your step.