June Team War Stars and Defenses.

Invictus takes their 6th month. AllStars needs  to pick a bench manager while GM is AWOL. AllStars would have sunk our boat had the bench been managed. They kept up with Invictus with 4 and 5 fewer members on the roster.


Team War Stars 05/31/2017.

All Stars struggle giving Invictus their 5th month. They are 3 members short due to drop outs and need the min of 8 on the bench to start filling those openings. recruit, recruit, recruit 🙂 Is there any interest in splitting this up to 4 or 6 teams with as many captains to pick the teams and maintain them from the bench? It is low maintenance and seems  maybe it might help breath some life into the clan. Smaller groups would be more likely to draw peeps together and spark more comradery. thoughts if it interests anyone or even if you just think I am nuts 🙂

05/06/17 New Quarter and Month of May Team Stats.

We have added defenses to team war star counts. We will also be changing rules of game to a single 3* counting for team points. The limits will be a reasonably equivalent base or one simply in match up order to earn stars for the team. A second 3* is not considered for the total team war star tally. We want to inspire TH 8s to use their second attacks for cleanup and scouts when they 3* their first attack, patiently. We no longer have any concern over whether we can clean the 8s or not. Consider them done at opening bell.
I would like to try this out this war if we can. I would also welcome, very much, anyones input.