level 10 war clan

Clan Tag #YQ8RJRJ2

Based in the US and UK,
Friends come from
Sweden, Australia, India
and beyond.

We are now a 1.5 year old level 10 Adult Clan
with 30 members approved for war.
Controlled wars back to back
absent non proven 3 star players.
We have specialists for tutoring those in need.
We have war Captains who’s passion is organizing war.
We have communicators with good people skills
to keep balance.
We are town hall 8 through 11 without exception.
We require high FIN levels,
enough war stars to suggest experience,
and non rushed bases with an understanding of war weight.

Not Required
As a communication hub.

It gives us access to private chat for members,
CO’s, game and clan builders.
Through the app, all members also
get access to the Clan Blog.


Through our blog forums,
we hold war star competitions, Max Loot, max Trophy,
Team War Star Competitions.

We track war stars all time, quarterly and monthly.
We track stats on average “best attack” stars per war,
and average % given up on non 3 * defenses, 
as well as total defenses.

We have a members achievement page
that recognizes every 10 hero earned.
Every 4 or more defenses per war.
MVP awards conservatively awarded.
Recognition of quarterly
, monthly “best attack” stars.
Every 250 “Best Attack” stars.
Max trophy quarterly. Max loot quarterly.
Monthly team war star competition wins.

ATM, I am a happy and war confident
MAX TH8 content with building this clan.
I am from the NW of the United States, 55 and a father of 2.
I now have 610 war stars at lvl 102.
I sat out of war for some time
but as I drew up the competitions,
I entered back into wars.

My main position is bringing people into the clan,
locate and place the talent in appropriate places.
This is not a one rule at DaFam,
this is a community.
And this community rocks it.


Meet a few of our members
ZaraHemia//BatMan//Aldo Raign//Mucky//H-Town Pete//Jason//
CO-CaptainJack// C0-CaptainOlafOarBender
Team CaptainGlutius Maximus//
Team Captain

Started by my son and his Uncle Gluteus,
my brother n law,
was merely something to do while it rained on our vacation.
Wars were started and ran just because they were there.
For that a whole lot of losses piled up.

Then dad took over.
The war log has been growing greener.
We have a well rounded and active group of mass donators,
War Captains, Tutors, along with
A fun group of folks.

We have a very simple war philosophy.
Requires thought and planning.
So, Only max troops in war cc’s and only max troops in war attack cc’s.
Your Captain will direct the targets
for the best odds of winning the battle, and thereby the war.
Because loot is only a secondary concern at DaFam.
2*s are a fact of life.
We do not boot for 2*s of course.
Unless you are 2 consistent.

Profile Requirements

20,000 FIN
250 War Stars


300 War Stars
Lvl 10 BK Lvl 10 AQ


350 War Stars
Lvl 20 BK Lvl 20 AQ


350 War Stars
Lvl 30 BK Lvl 30 AQ

Joining for war, and performing in war could grant you elder.
Joining for elder could grant you a boot.
Joining for war and doing much more
could grant you CO, maybe.
Joining for CO?
End of show.

Clan Tag #YQ8RJRJ2